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In the four sections of this form, select the appropriate astronomical source, instrument, telescope, observing condition and observation parameters. Click on the calculate button (calculate button) at the bottom of any section to submit the parameters from all the sections to the server. The results are reported in a separate web page that can be resized and printed.

General guidance on use of the Integration Time Calculators (ITCs) is available; specific help on each section of the form is available by following the more info and other (blue highlighted) links. Note: at this time Netscape 6 and 6.01 do not work with web forms. Changes, enhancements and bugs within the ITC are listed chronologically.

If you can read this but the form below does not appear then you may need to check with your system administrator about allowing communication with through your firewall.

WARNING: A bug has been reported in the NIRI ITC when performing calculations on extended sources with uniform surface brightness and using Altair for guiding and the "optimum S/N" software aperture size. Until the problem is resolved, please manually select the software aperture size (under "Analysis method") when using extended sources with uniform surface brightness and Altair.

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