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  • Filters:
    • Y, J, H, K-short broad-band filter set permanently installed.
    • We also have two spectroscopic broad band filters, which are not permanently installed: J-low and K-long.
    • There is an upgrade path being investigated for the construction and installation of a dual-etalon tunable narrow-band filter to be used with the f/32 MCAO system.
  • Science detector characteristics for the FLAMINGOS-2 HAWAII-II array
  • Camera and Imaging Properties:
    • Pixel scale: 0.18 arcsec/pix at f/16; 0.09 arcsec/pix at f/32 with MCAO.
    • Imaging Field of View: 6.'1 diameter circle at f/16; 120" diameter corrected FOV at f/32 with MCAO.

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